Fictitious: Started over 40 years ago, the illustrious Starnated Magazine  has a circulation of 6 million prints in over 100 markets. The Magazine has entertain bureaus servicing entertainment in countries such as Jourdan, North Korea, and the Central African Republic.

Starnated Magazine has the fortuitous honor to be led by the honorable Rev. Dr. Eric M. Craig, Jr., Esq., who has grown the magazine from a $50 million Jamaica-based paper to a $5 billion international phenomenon.

Actual: My name is Eric Craig and I attempt to write funny things in my studio apartment, when I have time. This internet magazine (which might soon have a print counterpart) is entirely satirical, using primarily fictional characters and events to make light of issues (pun intended) in the world. Beyond public figures, any name used as a character in Starnated Magazine is entirely coincidental.

In short, Starnated Magazine covers meaningless celebrity chatter, new trends, the unveiling of rising entertainers, astrological readings, opinion columns, self-help, and newsworthy topics.