You Won’t Believe What Trump Says About This Race Of People
U.S. President Donald Trump. Photo by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

People all over the world will be walking, jogging, and running full speed for 3.5 miles this Christmas holiday to raise funds for public schools to supply milk options for students. On Monday, December 18, Starnated Magazine will be a platinum sponsor of 15th annual Race of People’s charity held in New Orleans.

The Race of People charity run started in 2002 by John Kelly as a fundraising mechanism for public schools. In particular, Kelly wants to ensure that public schools would not cut chocolate milk as a lunch option. Since the start of the charity run, Kelly raised over $6 million.

“I’m very pleased about the upcoming race,” U.S. President Donald Trump says in an official statement, recognizing the race as a national and important event. “I think that people will benefit from this bigly. The impact will be huge. It will be huger than the wall I’m going to build. And we’re not paying for it, either.”

On race day, thousands of people will run 3.5 miles around the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in the Central Business District of New Orleans. Last year, the charity run brought over 30,000 people, mostly international runners.

“White milk shouldn’t be our youth’s only lunch option. Chocolate milk matters,”

“This year is going to be something special,” Kelly says. “Not only will we have all of the chocolate milk you can drink, but we will have an official chocolate milk second line in the Big Easy.”

This will be the first year the large scale event will be streamed over Facebook Live.

“I’m looking forward to winning this year’s run,” says John Boehner, a resident from Poplarville, Mississipi. “But most of all, we all win. We win because our kids will have the option of drinking chocolate milk.”

Kelly says that registration for this year’s event will remain open until the morning of the race. It starts at 8 a.m. and officially ends at 4 p.m., though some participants need much more time.

“If you feel as strongly about Chocolate Milk as I do, you should sign up. White milk shouldn’t be our youth’s only lunch option. Chocolate milk matters,” Kelly says.

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