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Greeting and salutations. Chances are that you have heard of Starnated Magazine in one of its 105 international markets that it currently serves. In fact, in its 40-year history, Starnated Magazine has never distributed digital or print publications to readers in the United States of America—well, until now. (If you have seen an illegal copy in the United States, please report it to our international hotline).

As president and commander en officer of Starnated Media (the parent company over the magazine), I’m elated to announce that Starnated Magazine will begin distribution in the United States, starting with this pilot issue. For the first time in its history, Starnated will publish a free-to-read digital publication available on its official website. A physical edition of the magazine will also be available for purchase, too.

Today, Starnated operates in several international markets including Jordan, Central African Republic, and North Korea. With an international circulation of six million prints, reaching over 90 million readers, Starnated has proven to be the No. 1 international choice for entertainment news. In fact, we plan to easily rival People, US Weekly, and Entertainment Weekly in the U.S. market.

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Starnated reports on celebrity chatter, new trends, the unveiling of rising entertainers, astrological readings, opinion columns, self-help, and newsworthy topics. Most of all, we hope that you, as the reader, will enjoy our variety of content.

The Magazine started in my father’s Belair mansion the day he gave me my first allowance of $50 million in liquid assets. While it wasn’t much, I knew it would have to do to jumpstart my personal endeavor of digging up dirt on people I despise. After months of hiring, my team and I created the first edition of Starnated Magazine that circulated in Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica, my hometown. After a smashing hit, we expanded to several other international markets. And now it’s time for the paper to service the country I conceived it.

Many investors, international readers, and critics remain concerned about Starnated Media’s bold venture to produce a magazine in the United States. In fact, it has behooved me to cancel publication with the rise of Donald Trump, fake news, and newly-found racial unrest in the United States. With most news outlets channeling resources to Donald Trump propaganda, we wondered if there was a market for real news. And, quite frankly, we don’t know if the entertainment market is still viable in the United States. But what we at Starnated Media do know is that it’s worth a shot.

I ask the reader one request: Please be wary of fake news and understand that Starnated Media and its magazine is not associated with the likes of it. Journalism in the United States is an exemplar of free speech. But speech without bounds can easily be tainted by emotionally-driven opinion. Many journalist and publishers err on the side of sensationalism for the sake of advertisement revenue and readership. But I challenge you, reader, to not fall in that trap. Support journalism that ensures the proper dissemination of information to people of this great country.

Cheers to the official U.S. edition of Starnated Magazine!

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Rev. Dr. Eric M. Craig, Jr., Esq.

Author: Starnated

Starnated Magazine is a mess.

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